Brakes and tires are the most important parts of the vehicle and often the most neglected. A good set of brakes will always be there when you need them. The braking system must always be working in tip top order as well. The majority of today’s vehicles have some form of enhanced braking system (anti-lock for example). These braking systems are only as good as the brakes that are installed. Your tires complement and assist the braking system. Tires evenly worn and regularly rotated will give you a consistently smoother ride which complements the brakes.

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We offer quick oil and lube service as part of your routine vehicle maintenance. An appointment must be scheduled ahead of time. We use Castrol GTX Oil for better engine performance. Your car’s oil change may be something you hate to take the time to get done, however, there isn’t a car maintenance procedure that is more beneficial to your car when it’s done by a service facility you trust. This allows our mechanics to have your vehicle up on the hoist for a good visual inspection checking on leaks and hoses. Once again taking preventative measures on high cost vehicle repairs.

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Front and rear tires wear differently. The front tires wear quicker than the rears. Because of this, it’s necessary to rotate the tires front-to-rear several times during their life cycle to 1) equalize tread wear and 2) maximize the life of the tires. It’s important to have your tires balanced at this time. Unbalanced tires can cause a lot of wear of bearings and such. At this time is allows our technicians to get in there and check your axels, brakes, etc.

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